The Cuckoo-phony

Well keep your body and soul together

As you flip among these lines,

As i boldly exclaim about

‘What puts in me mind’.

So I am told what they say

Not all words do mean as we know;

For i have ‘strained my every nerve’

Yet i never ‘get my ducks in a row’.

Words join together as one and one

And form a reasonable sentence too,

But when ‘two and two are put together’

What a ‘dog’s breakfast they do’!!

A mighty lie is what we say

When we ’move the Earth and Heaven’

And how can we ‘give a piece of our mind’

I say everything is at ‘sixes and sevens’.

Oh it ‘does not hold water’ when

I say a ‘dog’s hair bit me’

And assuringly if your ‘blood ran cold’

Very well dead is what you’d be !!

Yet still we hold it ‘as good as gold’

That to come ‘second best’ is but a defeat

And shocked i am to know this now

That there’s no ground under my feet !!

Oh i really would ‘set the Thames on fire’

Besides the snake if the ‘blood could creep’

And clearly it is besides the mark

To say a ‘wolf’s in the clothing of sheep’

And so i keep at ‘arm’s length’

All these dreary words that doom

My head when i try to resolve

What does an ‘elephant do in a room’

Well men are made of flesh and blood

But some say they are of straw as well

Yes ‘pigs can fly’, i think they might

If a person’s ‘head could swell’.

So amused i say to all that read

Boldly i shall exclaim

When your knowledge depends on these naughty words

Hope you keep some that you tame !!

And when shall be the time so right

Laugh, put them on paper together

Who knows how the misfits too

Dress your cap with another feather !!

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