Thousand Splendid Suns…..

In the damp of night of a colourless garden

Often a wandering firefly flows,

And as it makes it way ahead

The color of the garden, it glows.

It hastens to sit on the red beauty

That tickles and kindles his heart,

It paints my eyes with red to think

If only this colour he could impart.

Then he runs to follow the dandy green

After all, now he hates the grey

But wait there’s the violet waiting for him

Rush! Before comes the day.

He merrily glows on the orange buds

And wobbles about the whites,

To finally sway on the pinks

And glare upon the night.

The night is drenched in hues of blue

But flickers of colours spark,

As his light illuminates the flowers

And spreads, glittering the dark.

From far above as the winds look down

With the stars, then they say for funs

“The garden blooms with twinkles (many)

Like from a thousand splendid suns…”

5 thoughts on “Thousand Splendid Suns…..”

      1. Thank you for your offer Sadah!
        I would love to collaborate with you too…But I would prefer if you could give me a brief about your platform and the terms of this collaboration over a personal mail.
        Please use the Contact page of this blog to reach to me!
        I’ll await your word…


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