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To Remember or Not…..

Life often times becomes obsessed with today and tomorrow. So much so, that it seems to be born everyday only to die day after and be born again. Then, might we say –

“All life is but a pursuit to evade the Past?”

As I walk through the pavements of my memory today, I encounter countless moments which have been resisted from remembrance – only to make me comfortable in my mind. Thus, naturally we do not recall the one time when we broke out in tears out of fear or lost someone out of one’s own selfishness or chose to ache an ailing heart because its bearer had done a mindless act offending our sensibilities.

The more I see, the more I know that in all my trysts with the Past, it is not the past itself which suffers. Rather the ghosts of people residing in it bear the violence for they have become frozen in time. As I choose to grudge against certain memories, I opt to lemmatise their agents, thereby gathering my power over the ghosts in the memory.

Yet, I forget that even today would become a memory tomorrow. And the people I meet today would be the ghosts I would want to freeze tomorrow….Just like I would become a ghost to forget tomorrow in the mind of a certain other who seems to be unimportant today…

So, do I choose to remember? Or do I opt to forget?

Knowing that my memory becomes the only gateway for someone to exist?

I must admit that I have come to this realisation after reading about the Award Winning Broadway Show “Dear Evan Hansen” (based on the book of the same name by Steven Levenson). It is indeed a very thought-provoking musical.

Has anyone watched it?!

Please, do let me know in the Comments Section…


How I survived 20 years without Facebook!

Yes! the title is a slice of my life. For the 20 years that I have lived with my family, friends, friends’ friends, acquaintances and extended acquaintances I have SURVIVED without succumbing to the communicable temptations of “socializing” on Facebook.

“How might ye do that!?” Is precisely the question I have heard over my years in school and college from different mouths and unexpected faces. And my answer to all has often been an innocent smile with four words, “YET HERE I AM!”

Not that one can deny the good which has been caused by the network of Facebook, but one must also agree that the purpose of its making is more often than not ignored to promote the “interests” of who own or use it. It is thus, that gaining more “LIKES” on a selfie which you had clicked in some fairly odd posture over a risky wet rock by a dirty beach (which has been carefully manipulated in the picture) becomes more important than addressing one of your many friends who is has been involved in a tragedy recently and is online blurting his/her loneliness over his Posts.

But who said Facebook is all full of narcissistic people looking to gain attention! (At least I didn’t). I sincerely applaud the efforts of all the social organisations and aware citizens who use the platform for spreading information and awakening the conscience of the people towards humanitarian goods. I definitely haven’t forgotten the Versova Beach cleaning mission which was single-handedly publicized through Facebook. But I have also not forgotten the numerous cases of teenage boys and girls who are bullied, harassed and even pushed to self-loathing by the “FEW” who misuse the social network.

Now you must wonder, HOW did I actually evade all the cons (and a few pros) that Facebook could have provided to me. Well let me tell you: –


Even before Facebook existed (in fact before Zuckerberg too) socializing was never inter-mediated through any source and the word “society” clearly meant an assemblage of people who met, chatted and displayed their developments to each other FACE TO FACE. It has only been after FB that people have started talking in terms of “UPDATES”, “POSTS”, “BLOCK” or “FRIEND REQUEST”.



This is my personal favourite! Keeping yourself away from the screen would not only make you more aware but also more concerned towards what you can find ahead of the monitor! Reading books set in different areas of the world is another form of rehabilitation but nothing beats the experience of touring and travelling! (As a starting point, begin with reading the travelogues and journals) 😊



I admit this is probably the most difficult thing! But after you calculate the minimal amount of time you spend with your family over dinner, the few memories you make with your pet in the park, the rare adventures you undertake with your friends and the understand the poor dynamics of your space in the world of others – you’d definitely try to find the good that is there in real-time experiences over “virtual” ones.



Most of the teenagers turn to virtual spaces with their “pout-y” selfies and “dangerous” albums since they cannot find belonginess in their immediate company. So, you must realise it isn’t difficult to be who you are! I admit there would always be people who would let you down and try to chisel you into becoming what you are not. But that mustn’t stop you from chasing the people that accept you in your sincere form. Remember – there is always a YIN for a YANG


  1. WRITE

Lastly, but most importantly, pen down your experiences in the form of a diary! Let your best memories and shared experiences be there in the written word so that you can visit them anytime. This would push you for looking ahead to the good days and if not anything else, give you insights about your new plans.


I think I must clarify this right away that I am not against Facebook but I am just against the increasing gaps in communication. With the virtual world the world has become an even larger place since everybody has become alienated from each other.

What I see are “programmed masks” and what you get is “programmed artificial intelligence”. Something’s ought to give so why not give out time to our people!


Thanks for reading!

Do let know what you think about these views!

The Elegy of a Man and Stray

Even though I have never been blessed with a four-legged friend, I felt like dedicating a word to their companionship.

In the cold, all light and grey,

The story of a man and stray.

No thing can give the warm bed

To the one left alone at birth,

Than what he gets from crumbs of bread

And a wooden, shiny hearth.

Owning just a tea shop

The Man himself is not unbound,

Family of four lovely lives

Comfort, though is not profound.

In the world all large and held,

Two lives that strangely dwelled.

Give life to each other at dawn,

And meet daily in a phantom lawn.

Thus, the bodies of godly love,

Chat under the sunshine dove.

Complement each other’s new start,

And all these talks are just in hearts.

Yet the two solitary loons

Tired of life, meet at noons.

Eat food and share with each

In a language no one can teach.

Dawn of the day soon ends,

And as dark, the moon sends

The Man begins to leave for home

His humble place, his only dome.

Funny though how he waits

In the cold that kills and shakes.

To farewell his four-legged friend

As he comes from the farther end.

Giving the crumbs the man proclaims,

“We’ll meet again” to whom he tames.

After dinner they leave again,

To end their life’s new begin.

Thus this way the two stay,

And ponder my pen as dawn’s gay.

For is it only life that lays,

The love between man and strays?

Or is it in the times of need

That men can find stray friends indeed…..