The Reset Button: Can We Create One?

Taking a break from blogging was a necessary evil to find new things to feel and write about…But it isn’t always a humongous case of memorable feelings as an overwhelming emotion that brings us all to write and express…

When things come falling down upon us, our first response is lifting our hand up to seek help and lift off the weight on our chests…With no courage left to lift the weight any more, can we possibly continue to hold on while waiting for an external help? Would we give anything to reset that moment in time and prevent the weights from falling on us when we least expect it?

It is funny that while we can rewrite our realities on paper, we can seldom do that in real life. But should a “reset button” come our way, what would it do to alter our reality, especially when it connects so many others as well?

As far as I could look, I found that our reset button does not change realities as much as it changes us. With its single click, a discouraging word became a challenging provocation, a hopeless moment became an ambition full dream, and lost life became a redeemed promise of fulfillment…Interestingly, the only thing that changed was our feeling or our thought…After all, what else could change?

5 thoughts on “The Reset Button: Can We Create One?”

  1. I’ve hit the re-set button in real life one time. I’ve found that with a re-set, you have to actually re-set EVERYTHING (e.g., beliefs, patterns of behavior, etc.), not just hit the button, though.


  2. A very thoughtful and serious post, and an unusual idea — to be able to reset the button on life. No matter, life is an adventure and looking back on my own long life, I realize the bad times were necessary so I can recognize the good times. I send my best to you, Muriel


    1. Hello Muriel! Its great to hear from you again…
      You are right to say that the bad times are a necessary part of a good life…after all there can be no better inspiration for me to believe so than in you 🙂 Cheers to Living!


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